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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is the practice of using the right content to push your website or internet content to the top of the search engines, mainly Google. Well, you can guess why this is so important to most people. The higher your website or content ranks on the search engines then the better chance of it being chosen when people are searching for what you provide. This brings targeted potential customers right to you. Everyone wants the coveted position of being on the first page of search results on Google. The correct SEO is only part of obtaining that coveted position but it's a big part of the requirements. Knowing this, SEO is a regular part of our internet content creation.

Meta Description Creation

This is the "secret" content that works behind the scenes to help search engines categorize your website. Have you ever copied a link and pasted it into Facebook and see a description of the website? You were looking at the metadata description. This also happens when someone shares your website too. So it's very important that it's done right.

Long Tail Keyword Research

Long Tail Keywords rank better because there's less competition. This may also help your content rank for more competitive keywords. Oh, what are keywords? They are the words or terms that people use when they are searching on the internet.

SEO Auditing and Website Review

During our review of your current website, we will audit if for keyword competitiveness and provide you a report of our findings and suggestions.

SEO Copywriting*

We will take your content and make sure that it's formatted to get you the best results for ranking.

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