How to Master Persuasive Presentations (Video)

Increase your closure rate with these recruiting tips

 How to Master Persuasive Presentations (Video)

In the video below, I give you tips to help you master giving persuasive presentations when showing others your opportunity or whatever you're selling in a group setting. By knowing the four major personality types, you can tailor your presentation and keep your prospects engaged. Doing this correctly greatly magnifies your closure rate. Follow these recruiting tips of How to Master Persuasive Presentations to sign more leads or customers into your business.

The four personality are: whales, sharks, dolphins and urchins. These names are not set in stone and can be substituted but the types will always stay the same.

Four Dominant Personality Types

Sharks are the “show me the money” type of people. They are usually the entrepreneurs who are driven by success or achievement. Some occupations that shark personality types would enjoy are lawyers, investment bankers and business owners. They want to know how what you are selling will make them money.

Dolphins are your fun loving type of people. They are the more social people in your audience and the loudest and most outgoing in a party setting. Traveling to new places usually appeals to them also. They want to know that they can have fun with what you’re selling.

Whales are the helpers or the people who get enjoyment from assisting others. They may be your teachers, nurses, and social workers. Whale personality types want to know that what you’re selling will allow them to either give back or to help others more easily.

People with the urchin personality type are more detail oriented by nature. They are usually your accountants, bankers, and etcetera. Urchins like to know that one plus one will always equal two. And they need to understand all of the details of what you are selling. You should make sure that you truly understand your business and its competition when dealing with them.

Take Action

When you are giving your presentation, it is better to structure it in a way that speaks to each of the four dominant personality types. This will help to draw each of them into what you’re saying and makes them feel like they have a stake in your product, service or cause.

Scenario: You are trying to convince a group of people to sell ice cream. And you want to address all four of the personality types for maximum impact. During a presentation, here's what you can say including which personality type you are catering to. Remember that this is one continuing conversation:

  • "I love selling ice cream! I have so much fun traveling the world and meeting new people." - Dolphins 
  • "I also sell to mom and pop stores in low income neighborhoods where I know that those who are less fortunate can afford to buy it." - Whales
  • The money that I make is incredible and I’ve created a lifestyle for my family that I could have only dreamed of before. - Sharks
  • And my company accounts for everything that I do and provides me with continual training so that I can be the best salesperson ever. So I’m providing an amazing service and investing in myself at the same time. - Urchins

Update: The contact information in this video is outdated but the message of this video is still very relevant. I will update this video when I get the chance to.


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