Here's Why Your Online Presence Is NOT Growing

How to grow your online presence

Here's Why Your Online Presence Is NOT Growing

Does this sound familiar?

So you have setup your social media business page but you only have a few followers. And they are mostly your friends and family. You post valuable content regularly and engage them with relevant questions. Your posts have accompanying graphics or video to support them. You seem to be doing everything right but the number of followers still doesn't seem to be growing and your existing followers don't actively participate much.

Here's what you're missing? 

If you're actually doing everything that I mentioned above, there are a few things that come to my mind. But I want to talk specifically about one thing that a lot of online marketers and entrepreneurs don't do. And that's offline networking.

Yep, you have to do both. Actually, it is your in-person network that will be the most vocal online. The crux of establishing yourself online is building relationships with your followers. Well, the relationship with your in person connections are already established or started before they start following you online. "Ah ha" moment anyone?

How do you network with potential followers? You find local events that would interest your target audience. And you can also use This sites creates a place for likeminded people to meet and setup offline meetings for the express purpose of networking. Brilliant idea, right? I wish that I had thought of it first.

Take Action

Use the following things to effectively build your online presence, authority and following.

  • Setup your social media business page and fill in as much information about your or your company as possible. This page may become your biggest business referral.
  • Post related and valuable content regularly. Then engage your followers with personal questions that relate to your post.
  • Use engaging graphics or video to support your posts.

And how do you inject life into your online following? 

  • Continually network offline and send them to your online page.
  • Find fun and creative but still relative content to engage your followers. 

Do these things consistently and your following will grow quickly! They'll be primed for becoming customers.


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