5 Key Actions to Explode Your Business

How To Grow Your Business in 5 Steps

5 Key Actions to Explode Your Business

Here are 5 key actions you should take to grow your business exponentially. These actions apply to almost any business. These actions are a necessity for you to implement if you want to grow a successful business. I have listed them below in the order that they should be done.


Identify your perfect target market. No matter how good your product, service or opportunity is, you cannot sell something to someone who doesn't want it. Here is an example:

You're walking through the mall to get to your favorite store and someone from one of the kiosks tries to sell you the next miracle hand cream or perfume or anything really. Now they have 50/50 chance that you will stop and buy what they are selling. And it's even less if you consider that most people do not like to "sold" anything. Yes. Their odds of making a sale can be much greater if you consider how many people they stop in a day’s time. So if they stop 300 people in a day let's assume that they make 90 sales. How many sales did they miss out on because their business model is to just get their product in front of as many people possible? Look at all of the money they leave on the table.

Now let's say that 300 people go into a Footlocker store to find a specific type of sneaker. Of those 300 potential customers, they make 250 sales. Why, because they are selling to their target audience, people who want sneakers. Instead of casting a big net and catching stragglers, they draw their target customers to them. They will only get customers who want what they are selling opposed to the kiosk operators who get what they can.


Create content or provide a service/product that satisfies your target market/audiences need(s). You have a better chance of making a sale if you have something that helps your potential customers solve a problem. Think about it. When you're down to your last few dollars, generally, you are more likely to spend it on what you need as opposed to what you want.

We've all seen infomercials late at night or really early in the morning, right? And I can tell you that they've been around for a very long time. Have you noticed that their format hasn't changed much at all since their first inception? Why? Because they cater to your emotional need or they show you what you'd be missing out on if you don't have what they're selling. Either way, they are designed to fulfill a need.


Focus on money making activities. This is determined by your area of business. Network marketers and lead centric entrepreneurs should focus on sorting their leads and exposing them. If you're business is providing content, then spend the majority of your time creating quality content. If you're in the business of providing a service then put your resources into improving it and making it the best in the industry.


Expose your business to as many targeted prospects as possible. It's the law of numbers in full effect! This part is easy after you have identified your target market/audience. Get your "thing" in front of as many people as "internetally" possible. Okay, that's not a word but you understand what I mean. And this is a major reason why I believe that all businesses have to have an internet presence. What bigger audience is there than on the internet? Do you know of any other way to reach a larger audience than the amount of people who access the internet daily? I personally use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube to reach my target audience and I suggest the same for my clients and anyone else who asks me.


Establish yourself as an expert or a leader in your field. Combine this with exposing your "thing" and your business growth will be evident in your bank account. And don't worry if you haven't been working that business for 10+ years and here's why. You can be a leader or expert as long as you know more than someone else. As long as you are alive, there will always be someone who knows less than you. You can also use webinars to establish yourself as an industry leader. People automatically associate webinar leaders and guest speakers as authoritative and influential people. 

Take Action

Put these 5 actions into practice immediately. IDENTIFY who wants what you're selling. CREATE something that satisfies their need(s). FOCUS on that need with things that make you money. EXPOSE your business to as many people as possible. Then LEAD others by being an expert at your craft and teach others.

Did you notice the action verbs? Remember that "Entrepreneur" is an action verb and not a noun because you have to be a person of action to be an entrepreneur. PERIOD! Tweet: Entrepreneur is an action verb not a noun because you have to be a person of action to be a one. @asktyrrelle http://ctt.ec/y0fa8+


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