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Who Are We?

During our 10 plus years as TyDesigns, we specialized in web development and design, website hosting, logos and graphic design. Now after 16 plus years, as Eccles Enterprises LLC, we have expanded our services to include branding, mobile website design, social media marketing/advertising, consulting and more! Why? It’s because we’ve become very adept at changing with the demands of this social sharing and technologically driven society.

Even though there are point and click website creation providers they don’t do much for building your brand or image. That’s where we come in and it’s where we shine. We understand the importance of originality and individuality when it comes to business. And we combine that with our strong social media marketing skillset that's perfect for growing your business on and off-line. We know exactly how to attract the people that want your services and products. And we know how to keep them coming back!

Meet the owner

The climate of small business is changing from the majority being brick and mortar to home based businesses of one or two people. Our economy has demanded that most people find more ways of creating passive income and for some others multiple streams of income. So more and more entrepreneurs are birthed every day.

frustrated businessman in his officeWe cater to those entrepreneurs and small business owners because we know what it’s like to feel like you have the deck stacked against you. We know how what it’s like to have to wear every hat when starting a business and having to fight to keep from going out of business. As a small business too, we know exactly what you need to be successful and to continue to grow. We provide the services that you need to get ahead of your competition. We’ve mastered the technology so that you can focus on running your business. Whether you’re just starting out, rebranding or just making a few changes to your business Eccles Enterprises has got you covered.

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