Who Am I?

Tyrrell Eccles

Faith - Family - Entrepreneurship

My name is Tyrrell Eccles but most people call me “Ty”. I’m a young man from the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. I have strong faith in God, a loving family, a love for music and tech, and a passion for entrepreneurship and business. I own a few successful businesses and have so for more than 15 years now.

My best friend then and wife now encouraged me start a business designing websites, multimedia projects and more back in 1998. So I established TyDesigns LLC and business was great. Fast forward 10+ years and the web design/development industry started to shift with all of the advances in mobile technology and the growing social media platform. Business was still great but now I had a house, wife, children, cars, etc. I learned that even though I owned my own businesses, I was still a slave to them when it came to having time for the things that I wanted to do. So I began to look for other ways to create income without having to spend as much time on it.

It was during that time that I learned what TRUE passive income was, a revenue stream that keeps paying you on its own without you doing anything or very little to continuosly get paid for it. I also learned how to combine the power of the internet and the "The Compound Effect" together to create a passive income revenue stream that can be duplicated exponentially... the "Holy Grail" of a successful business! That was when I began to focus on online entrepreneurship.

What I was doing to create passive income worked for me because I have a specialized set of skills. My talents/gifts helped me to excel in making money online. As I talked to people about the benefits of using their gifts for business, I learned that a lot of people didn't have a clue about what their gifts were. So I wrote a book titled "The Master's Guide to Wealth" to help others to find what their God given gifts are and how to use them to create the wealth that you want. You can read more about that here.

What Happened Next?

I decided to combine my passion for helping other entrepreneurs in business with the services that they would need most to get ahead and Eccles Enterprises LLC was created. My goal is to make this site one that wasn't around the first few years that I got started in business. I wanted to create a site, for other entrepreneurs, that is full of applicable information to help them start and/or grow their business.

After working in the web design/development industry for over fifteen years I have grown a keen eye for what a business needs to not only be competitive but be profitable too. This website is my way of providing those essential digital marketing services and sharing the knowledge that I have with those that want it.

Visit my website, tyrrelleccles.com, to learn more about me.

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Eccles Enterprises, LLC


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